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Lethert Software, Inc.

Custom Software Solutions and Expertise on the Microsoft Platform
Although I had been programming for fun since the seventh grade, I did not originally plan to write software professionally. Seeking to be an actuary, I obtained a job as an actuarial technician during my senior year of college. In 1994, I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.
As I began to do more and more programming as a part of my job, I became completely hooked. I worked hard to improve my programming skills and joined a software consulting company in 1995. While there, I had the opportunity to work on several client projects. I continued to study, and earned my MCSD certification from Microsoft in 1996.
In February of 1997, I started off on my own. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work on many projects for several clients.
From January 2003 through February 2006, I served as a Software Architect for a Fortune 500 company.  It was a tremendous experience, and I had the opportunity learn about both the complex technical and business challenges facing modern IT organizations.
I continue to enjoy the collaborative, long-term relationships I have with clients and the exciting and ever-changing world of software technology.